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  • Wire 2020 is comming up!

    Datum: 02 februari 2020

    S-Point zal ook dit jaar van 7 t/m 11 December aanwezig zijn op de WIRE 2020 te Düsseldorf.

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  • S-Point aanwezig op Plastics Recycling Show

    Datum: 02 april 2017

    S-Point en Sikoplast aanwezig op Plastics Recycling Show 2017 Rai Amsterdam

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  • Gwk water chillers series weco

    Datum: 07 januari 2016

    The high quality standard of the proven weco series that is appreciated by users has been futher improved with innovative components. Designed with new control and regulation technologies these compact chillers became more energy-efficient and more quiet.

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  • Gwk mould cleaning system moldclean mc1

    Datum: 06 januari 2016

    The efficient cleaning system for cooling channels and heat exchangers has been further developed in cooperation with end-users and is now available in two versions with new optional extensions. The state-of –the art version is presented for the first time.

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  • Nieuwsbrief Labotek december 2015

    Datum: 10 december 2015

    Labotek shareholders inject several million euros in green tech. Read about energy savings, social responsibility and further development of the technical customer service.

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  • Maillefer Top Efficiency Cooling

    Datum: 18 november 2015

    Temperature control and cooling is a vital part of the process to produce top quality cables. An optimally dimensioned cooling trough is also one of the key factors in production efficiency.

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  • Kunststoffen 2015

    Datum: 30 september 2015

    Op 23 en 24 september vond Kunststoffen 2015 plaats, dé beurs voor professionals in de kunststofindustrie. Het thema was 'Smart met Kunststof'.

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  • Nieuwe producten Plasticolor

    Datum: 10 juli 2015

    Plasticolor heeft zijn assortiment uitgebreid met het model PC 1500 & PC 2500. Doseer apparaten van Plasticolor staan in de markt bekend als zeer betrouwbaar en gebruiksvriendelijk. In een handomdraai heeft de operator een kleur gewisseld en nieuwe productie gestart.

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  • Reifenhäuser sells widest cast film line in Europe

    Datum: 08 juli 2015

    Troisdorf, June 30, 2015 | In the production of BOPP they have long since been standard: Lines of widths beyond 4,000 millimeters. In the production of CPP, these widths were unusual in the past. However, this is increasingly changing due to a growing pressure on the prices – notably for volume applications such as metallizable and laminating films.

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  • Nieuwsbrief Labotek juni 2015

    Datum: 16 juni 2015

    The Labotek system provides us with not only dry material for the extrusion thus we can operate most of the whole system by the use of residual heat, which was not previously used. This is an active contribution to protection of the environment.

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